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Published 7 March 2017

CeraPrinter F-Serie – Manufacturing Equipment for Semiconductor Industry

“Printed Electronics field grows fast showing the demand for emerging functional devices, which make our life more secure and smart. The potential of this development is in the core of our business model by providing Advanced CeraPrinter Equipment for the actors. The system supplies the players with the solution starting from Advanced R&D up to Industrial Applications. Due to this commitment, we are very much pleased to be highlighted by such an innovative company as IRLYNX based in FRANCE. The actor is a manufacturer of high added value Human Activity Sensing Modules, permitting to collect the important data through the complex sensing device. We are very much pleased that CeraPrinter F-Serie is in use for production in semiconductor industry. As well as, the IRLYNX’s choice of our cutting-edge Platform strengthens not only the technical performances, but also CERADROP strong Process Development support, which goes with the system. Such an offer emerged from our customer utmost requirements as well as our desire to provide a Global Solution in the target to reach industrialization.”–
stated Nicolas BERNARDIN, Deputy Managing Director at CERADROP.


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