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Published 10 September 2021

CeraPrinter Versatile Solution for Printed Electronics Embeds the Latest SAMBA Cartridge

Ceradrop, a MGI Digital Technology brand, the world famous manufacturer of CeraPrinter Platforms – the most advanced solutions for Printed Electronics Applications from R&D to industrialization is pleased to highlight its partnership and collaboration with Fujifilm Dimatix on integration of the New Samba Cartridge!

The high-end equipment offers an exclusive performance capabilities embedding and managing a great variety of printheads for complex functional multi-material devices printing. At present, Ceradrop is pleased to announce the integration of the latest Samba technology bringing the most modern features to its Customers and Users.

Indeed, the New Samba is perfectly integrated into the CeraPrinter Hardware and Software Suite and well suited with the system for the excellent jetting parameters management, functional fluids deposition control and design simulation performance before printing.

The Samba Cartridge is based on Si-MEMS, which provides a native drop volume of 2.4 pL and has the potential to create ultra-fine line widths from a single dot size. Considering smaller scale applications and prototyping the Samba offers a small capacity container of 1.5 mL for functional fluids.

To enable a complete solution from R&D prototyping to commercial applications, the Samba cartridge offers the advanced jetting characteristics, and optimal drop volume such as other high speed performance printheads to allow an easy transition from R&D to Production.

Therefore, the success of Fujifilm Dimatix in materials printing being combined with the most advanced modular-based CeraPrinter features offers to the users an All-in-one solution for complex functional multi-material devices design, print and post-process treatment from R&D to 24/7 high throughput manufacturing performance.


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