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All-in-one State-of-the-art Digital Materials Deposition Platform

CeraPrinter F-Serie is All-in-one State-of-the-art Digital Materials Deposition Platform for process development in Printed Electronics and Smart 3D Printing. In addition to all the CeraPrinter advantages, F-Serie is a hybrid materials deposition platform combining Inkjet and Aerosol Jet® technologies. Its single user-friendly software opens the way to study hybrid process inaccessible by Inkjet or Aerosol Jet® separately. Defined as a modular-based scalable technology able to easily integrate several post-processes in-line at lowest cost, on minimum of footprint, with more capabilities, CeraPrinter F-Serie just enables you to succeed.


  • Designed for Advanced Digital Process Development in multidisciplinary fields
  • Modular-Based Scalable Technology for quick and easy upgrade
  • Latest key technologies in one tool enabling multi-team co-working
  • User-friendly single interface for all integrated technologies

Exemples d'applications électroniques

  • HF Antenna
  • RFID
  • OPV photovoltaics,
  • OLED displays and lightning
  • Interconnection
  • Printed memories
  • Photodetectors
  • Sensors
  • Semiconductor
  • Printed Batteries
  • Smart packaging
  • LTCC
  • MLCC Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
  • Magnetic components
  • Temperature sensors
  • Piezoelectric actuators
  • Coating smart surface
  • Fuel cells
  • Flexible Electronics
  • In-mold Electronics
  • Supercapacitors
  • Wearables electronics senros
  • 3D Electronics
  • 5G/6G
  • Advanced Materials
  • Carbon electronics
  • Conductive inks
  • Digital Printing
  • e-textiles
  • Green materials and electronics
  • inkjet printing
  • multimaterial printing
  • printed sensors
  • stretchable electronics
  • transparent conductive films


  • Substrate up to 305 mm x 305 mm with thickness up to 10mm (larger on request)
  • High accuracy five axis with motorized adjustable printing resolution, substrate alignment (+/-2 μm) and nozzles self calibration (< +/-3 μm)
  • Up to five different printheads (more on request) to deposit wide range of functional inks and high viscous pastes
  • Able to print in Raster-Scan Mode (X or Y), Vector Mode (XY) and Single Pass (X or Y)


Motion system: high accuracy calibrated five axis device

Three translation axis and two motorized rotations (printheads resolution calibration + substrate alignment)
X and Y stage accuracy < +/- 1.5 µm
Z accuracy < +/- 2 µm
X and Y stage repeatability < +/- 0.5 µm
Z repeatability < +/- 1 µm
Print velocity up to 500 mm/s

Printheads holder: motorized and plug & play

Embeds easily a wide range of printheads with motorized resolution fine tuning and nozzles position self calibration
Print resolution < 5 μm x 5 μm
Printheads number Up to 4 Inkjet heads and 1 Aerosol Jet® head
Printhead types Single nozzle

Low cost Dimatix Cartridges

Drive per nozzle printheads

Dimatix, Konica-Minolta and other on request

(Xaar, Kyocera, Ricoh, Toshiba, Seiko…etc.)

Aerosol Jet® Technology Pneumatic atomizer and Fine feature printhead

Nozzle size 100 μm to 300 μm

Ink viscosity 1-1000 cP

Mounting “Smart door” technology

Accurate fast mount for printheads and its electronics

Ink tank Cartridge 2 mL to 50 mL

Aggressive solvents compatible

Printhead heating Up to 60°C
Printhead Maintenance Automated cleaning station

Substrate holder: motorized vacuum heated chuck

Designed to manage a wide range of substrates for many applications
Size 305 mm x 305 mm
Clamping Vacuum with different areas
Heating Up to 60°C


Machine footprint 1520 mm x 1870 mm x 1970 mm
Machine mean weight 1800 kg
Power 400 V/32A, 3 phases
Certification / Safety CE (UL & CSA on request)

Camera: three devices with different light sources

Three cameras with different light sources to check jetting, to align substrate, to analyze all parts of printed components and in-situ Aerosol Jet® follow
Droplet analysis
CCD 1624 x 1228 pixels
Visualization area 1.79 x 1.35 mm
Image analysis Fully automated (DropAnalyser)
Alignement and printed components analysis
CCD 1624 x 1228 pixels
Visualization area 1.79 x 1.35 mm
Alignment types Marks, edge or specific if required
Image analysis Fully automated (FabAnalyser)
In-situ Aerosol Jet® process analysis
CMOS color camera 2592 x 1944 pixels
Visualization area 1.900 x 1.425 mm

Up to 3 Post-treatment: to dry and to cure printed layers

Fully integrated and synchronized with the printing for all kind
of drying/curing devices
Post-process compatibility IR, UV, AdphosNIR®, Novacentrix PulseForge®, Xenon Sinteron, Vacuum Drying
Substrate management Directly by the manufacturing linear axis to avoid substrate manipulation
Solvent extraction Exhaust connection


IR Drying Printhead slot
UV Laser reflectometer
AdphosNIR®, Novacentrix PulseForge® HEPA filter
Xenon Sinteron, Vacuum Drying Automated refill system (on request)
Other post-treatment Dedicated software add-on
Specific hardware modification Automated Handling (on request)
Automated sheet resistance measurement probe



DropAnalyser: advanced droplets jetting analysis

Real time automated vision software
Waveform tuning Real time, fully open, drive per nozzle
Automation Automatic printheads mapping
Analysis Volume, velocity, jet straightness error

Clogged nozzles detection

Self nozzles positions calibration

Drop to drop variation

Reporting Statistic

Automatic full jetting report creation

FabAnalyser: printed layers analysis and substrate alignment functions

Layers analysis Automated measurements (distance, area)

Automated full printing area acquisition

Thickness measurement with 3D reconstruction (laser reflectometer option required)

Substrate alignment Manual or automatic

Can be fully adapted to customer application

CeraSlice: exclusive printing jobs conception software

Bottom-up approach to import, to edit, to simulate and to sequence the printing of a wide range of printed electronics and smart 3D printing designs
File format Step, DXF, Gerber, GDSII, Bitmap.
Job editing Directly from standard CAD file via CAD/CAM tool
Printing job parameters Fully tunable for each part or under part of the component
Manufacturing script edition Easy and fast, for each step of the printing process (printing vector, nozzle clogging control, alignment, printhead cleaning etc.)
Printing simulation visualization Step by step, materials by materials
Experiment plans Automated experiment plans generation to optimize inkjet process (fully customizable)

pre-loaded patterns

Square transistors, circular transistors, multilayer capacitors, induction, coil, etc.

Notre offre

The whole CeraPrinter equipment range is high accuracy multi-material deposition systems with in-line multicuring technologies, in-situ characterization facilities embedded simultaneously enabling high precision deposition of functional materials and full area curing in each pass.

Evolutionary at lowest cost and delivered with exclusive software suite developed by CERADROP (CeraSlice, DropAnalyser and FabAnalyser) allowing its quick startup, easy to use and bottom-up approach for functional components design.

To go forward with our customers, we provide strong partnership, highly qualified, responsive worldwide maintenance and support team to provide assistance through each stage of project development.